How to Code Chamberlain Remote Controls

The Chamberlain Group manufactures several different models of garage door openers for home use. The garage door openers are operated by a simple remote control that has from one to three buttons. Each Chamberlain remote control is programmed with a secure code to operate the doors. The garage door opener saves the code and only opens when that remote control is used to open the door. Chamberlain remotes with more than one button can operate more than one garage door opener, which is useful for multiple-car garages.

  1. Climb the step ladder until you are at a comfortable height to operate the control buttons on the motor unit of the garage door opener.

  2. Press the "Learn" button on the motor unit to activate the programming mode. Once pressed, you have 30 seconds to program the remote control.

  3. Push and hold the button on the remote control that you want to operate the door.

  4. Release the button when the lights on the motor unit blink twice. The remote is now programmed to operate the motor unit of the garage door opener.