How to Freshen Up Bathrooms Without Windows

Windows allow sunlight and fresh air into a room, giving the illusion of a larger and more open space.

Many bathrooms are small by design. Those that lack windows can easily become stuffy and seem even smaller than they actually are. This creates a dilemma for homeowners when adding a window simply is not an option. Design-savvy individuals, however, can take steps to compensate for the lack of natural light and freshen up stuffy central bathrooms with a few minor changes.

Get rid of the clutter. A bathroom sink covered with soaps, beauty supplies, and personal hygiene products may add convenience, but these items take up space. No matter how large or small the bathroom may be, clearing extra space is crucial to dispelling a feeling of stuffiness.

Opt for a light, fresh color of paint for the bathroom walls. Dark, primary, and even neutral paint colors can seem stifling in a room that has no access to exterior light. Light colors and pastels reflect the available light and give the viewer a sense of openness and cleanliness that is vital when a given space lacks windows.

Steer the bathroom décor away from dark colors and toward lighter, more soothing hues. Your décor and your paint should not be identical, but they should be part of the same color scheme. Otherwise the fresh, clean feeling you aim for with your paint will be neutralized by dreary decorating colors.

Add some greenery. Plants have benefits such as the ability to remove toxins from the air and instill calm, happy feelings in individuals. Without a window to the outside to view greenery, a houseplant in the bathroom is the next best thing. For best results, use two plants and alternate them in the bathroom every week or so. Keep the spare on a windowsill or where it can soak up some real light while it's waiting its turn.

Add a light scent to the room such as lemon or cotton. Potpourri, however, can be overpowering, and candle smoke is more likely to damage walls and ceilings in a small, closed-in space. Opt for flameless candles or plug-in scent dispensers to add freshness and prevent mustiness.

Install daylight-simulating bulbs. These are specifically designed to imitate natural light and are a must for rooms without access to windows.

Things You Will Need

  • Light paint
  • Greenery
  • Flameless candle or plug-in scent dispenser
  • Daylight-simulating bulbs


  • Opt for a latex interior paint that comes with added fungicides. Because your bathroom is a warm, moist environment, this will help you avoid the growth of unsightly mildew.

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