How to Clean Porcelain Toilet Bowls

Porcelain is a thin ceramic substance. The material begins as a type of clay, and you insert into an oven at a core temperature of around 2,640 degrees Fahrenheit. Some toilets as well as sinks, appliances and other fixtures are porcelain. If you accidentally hit the porcelain too hard or use abrasive cleaning materials, you can scratch or chip the porcelain. It is important to clean porcelain toilet bowls two or three times a week to keep the shine and to keep stains at bay.

  1. Open the bathroom window for ventilation. If you do not have a window or one that opens, use a fan. Place the fan in front of the bathroom door, facing outward. Turn it on to air out the chemicals from the room. Put on the rubber gloves.

  2. Pour roughly a cup of bleach in the toilet bowl down the sides. A toilet bowl mop is a yarn puff that will not damage porcelain. Use it to spread the bleach around the bowl sides and near the drainage hole. Let the bleach soak in for about four minutes.

  3. Scrub the sides and the bottom of the bowl. Scour any filth with a fierce back-and-forth movement. Flush the toilet.

  4. Pour one cup of bleach and three cups of warm water into the pan. Clean the top of the porcelain toilet bowl. Dunk the rag in the pan, and squeeze out to rinse. Wipe down the top of the bowl a second time. Rinse again in the pan. Wash the inside and outside top of the bowl. Flush again.

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