How to Remove Quarter Round Molding

Robin Hewitt

If you are planning to replace flooring, unless you are replacing carpet with carpet you will most likely need to remove the quarter round molding along the perimeter of the room. Quarter round not only gives a finished look to the baseboard, but it also serves to hold down the edges of vinyl flooring as well as covering the "floating edge" of laminate floors. With a bit of patience, you can remove the quarter round molding in full pieces and reuse it after the new flooring has been installed.

  1. Locate the finish nails holding the quarter round to the baseboard. Place the curved edge of a small pry bar on the first piece of quarter round, with the curve facing toward the ceiling and the straight edge horizontal to the floor.

  2. Tap the curve of the pry bar with a hammer, taking care not to mar the baseboard. The quarter round will loosen from the baseboard, allowing the pry bar to slip behind the quarter round.

  3. Hold a scrap of cardboard against the baseboard to protect it while you lift up on the pry bar; the quarter round will pull away from the baseboard.

  4. Continue to loosen the quarter round at each finish nail placement until the entire length of quarter round has been removed; repeat the process around the perimeter of the room.

  5. Check for any finish nails that may have pulled through the quarter round during removal. Pull them with the pry bar while protecting the baseboard as before.