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How to Set the Clock on a West Bend Timer

William Pullman

West Bend timers are kitchen timers that help cooks keep track of the remaining cooking time for their recipes. The timers allow for three different timer settings, which is useful when making more than one recipe at a time, each with different cooking times. In addition to the timer function, the West Bend timer is a clock. You need to set the clock when you first use the timer and any time you replace the timer's battery.

  1. Push and hold the "Clock" button until the time on the LCD starts flashing. It will take approximately five seconds for the time to start flashing.

  2. Set the hours unit by pressing the "Hour" button. The time will advance by one hour each time you press the button. To quickly switch between a.m. and p.m., press and hold the "Hour" button. The display will switch between a.m. and p.m. each time you press and hold the button.

  3. Change the minutes unit by pressing the "Minute" button. The minutes unit will advance by one each time the button is pressed. If you want to fast forward through the minutes, press and hold the "Minute" button.

  4. Save the clock setting by pressing the "Clock" button. The seconds unit will start advancing after you press the "Clock" button.