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How to Start the Consul Propane Refrigerator

Matt McGew

Consul is a brand of propane gas refrigerators distributed by TEECO in the United States. Consul refrigerators operate using a propane fuel source. After the initial installation, you have to start a Consul propane refrigerator so that the refrigerator will begin to cool. You do this by igniting the refrigerator's pilot light. Once you have lit the pilot, the refrigerator will continue to cool, maintaining a constant temperature and functioning like a traditional electric refrigerator.

  1. Open the control panel located at the bottom of the refrigerator under the door. Pull the panel down to access the controls.

  2. Rotate the thermostat dial clockwise to the coldest setting. The thermostat dial is the second dial from the right.

  3. Press and hold the selector valve knob. While the valve is pressed, rotate the dial to the "Open" position. Continue to press and hold the selector valve knob. The selector valve knob is the dial located on the far right.

  4. Press the igniter button several times. The igniter button is located on the left side of the refrigerator. While pressing the igniter button, look through the reflector located to the left of the igniter button. Once successfully ignited, you will see the blue pilot light through the reflector.

  5. Wait five seconds after you see the pilot light. Release the selector valve knob. Continue to look through the reflector and make sure that the pilot light is still lit.