How to Install a DirecTV HD Receiver

If you recently signed up for DirecTV service, then you need to install your new high-definition (HD) receiver, also known as the cable box. You will hook up the cables between the television, the satellite and the receiver. HD cable boxes allow you to watch television shows with much better clarity, but you must also have an HD television. An HD receiver is a great way to boost the picture quality and enhance the viewing experience.

Step 1

Unplug your television and receiver from the wall if they are currently plugged in.

Step 2

Connect the RG-6 coaxial cable from the dish to the "Satellite In" connection on your receiver.

Step 3

Hook up the satellite antenna to the connection "Off-Air" on the HD receiver.

Step 4

Hook up the HDMI cables from the receiver to the television.

Step 5

Connect the red and white RCA cables from the receiver to the television.

Step 6

Hook up a phone cord from your wall into the "Phone Jack" port on the HD receiver for phone service.

Step 7

Plug in your television and receiver to a power strip that is powered on.

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