How to Charge Dewalt Batteries

Dewalt has grown to be among the leading manufacturers of battery-operated power tools, offering dozens of different models and types to suit nearly every need. Batteries offer a versatility and mobility unseen among electric tools, but will always eventually drain and need to be recharged. Dewalt tools are most often sold with a battery charger to accompany the battery, and the task of battery charging is generally a straightforward one.

Step 1

Press the battery-release button (located on the battery) and pull the battery from its tool.

Step 2

Slide the battery into the battery charger until it stops or you hear a click (locking mechanism).

Step 3

Verify that the battery charger is plugged in and the battery is charging; an indicator light on the charger will be lit when powered and charging.

Step 4

Remove the battery from the charger when the charge light (on the charger) turns green, indicating a full charge. For chargers with a locking mechanism, the battery can be removed similarly to step 1.

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