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How to Move a Whirlpool Front Loading Washing Machine

Jonra Springs

Front-loading washing machines are quite popular, since they're made to conserve energy and wring out laundry well. The washer drum is oriented sideways and suspended inside the box of the metal body. To avoid damage, the drum of a washing machine must be protected from bouncing up and down while in transit. Manufacturers use protective safeguards when shipping a washer; these are available to consumers for safe relocation of a front-loading machine.

Be cautious when moving your front-loading washer.
  1. Unplug the Whirlpool washer and loosen the hoses from the bibs. Hold the hose openings up while removing the connectors from the washer; this will avoid spilling trapped water. Dump the hoses out, cover the brass connectors and secure the hoses inside the drum. Pull the drain hose out of the wall drain and tape it upright to the back of the machine with duct tape.

  2. Slip the plastic washers over the transit bolts and thread them into the holes in back of the machine. Tighten the bolts with an adjustable wrench. Whirlpool front loading models use four packing bolts to lock the drum securely in place for highway transportation.

  3. Roll an appliance dolly under the washing machine and wrap the tie strap around it, avoiding all handles and vulnerable small parts. Tighten the strap with the locking twist handles and tuck excess strap length in between the dolly and machine.

  4. Brace the dolly with a foot on the bottom axle bar and tilt the load back onto the wheels. Roll the machine to an exit door with the back facing out and remove the duct tape holding the drain hose. Place the hose outside and tip the back of the machine out the door, with the aid of a helper. Allow all stagnant water to drain out of the machine. Remove the drain hose and stow it inside the drum.

  5. Turn the dolly back to the opening of the truck and tip it backwards. You and a helper should grab one handle of the dolly and pull it up the ramp of the transport truck.

  6. Position the Whirlpool machine upright against a wall of the cargo container. Release the dolly strap and pull the dolly away. Cover the top of the machine with a shipping pad and wrap it around the body. Tie the washing machine securely in place against the container wall with rope. Avoid packing heavy objects on top of the machine.

  7. Use a dolly to offload the machine and remove the locking transit bolts. Replace the water hoses and drain hose, and attach them to the hook-ups at the new location. Level the machine to the floor with the threaded support legs.