How to Sharpen a Scanpan Knife

Scanpan is a company that makes many different kinds of kitchen knives and cookware. Sharpening a Scanpan knife is no different that sharpening any other kitchen knife. Sharpening your Scanpan knives often will keep them in great condition and prevent dulling. When your knives are sharpened, they can cut through even the toughest meats and will last much longer.

Sharpening your Scanpan knives will make preparing and cutting much easier.
  1. Hold the knife sharpener in your nondominant hand. At the base of the sharpener is the butt. You will always want your hand to grip the sharpener under the butt to protect your fingers from the blade.

  2. Hold the sharpener at a 45-degree angle. On "Cookalong Live," chef Gordon Ramsay suggests to hold the sharpener comfortably like a tennis racket.

  3. Place the base of the blade of your knife against the butt of the sharpener. Pull the blade up, on an angle, over the sharpener. You will want to sharpen the entire blade, from base to point, in one single swipe.

  4. Do this several times slowly until you've gotten a feel for sharpening.

  5. Bring the knife underneath the sharpener and repeat the process. Once you get the hang of sharpening the knife, you can move back and forth over and under the sharpening quickly. Repeat the process until the knife is sharp.


  • Never grip onto the steel of the sharpener, you could seriously injury yourself. Always grip onto the sharpener's handle.

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