How to Clean the Alpine Air Purifier Plate

Air purifiers remove smoke, odors, and other impurities in the air. To maintain the maximum operating efficiency of the Alpine unit, the air purifier must be cleaned to remove residue that has settled on the plate. Keeping the plate clean ensures the air passing through the system and back into the room is clean. Portable purifiers can be moved to different rooms as needed by the homeowner. Clean the air purifier as needed and enjoy clean and fresher smelling air.

Bring fresh air into your home with an air purifier.
  1. Remove the cord from the wall socket before attempting to clean the unit.

  2. Remove the ozone plate (or plates) from the back of the unit by gently pulling outward. The plate is located in a slot on a solid wood backing. The plate is easy to identify and remove.

  3. Scrub the plate gently with a toothbrush and equal parts of ammonia and hot water. Clean the metal screen and the ceramic tile that makes up the purifier plate.

  4. Rinse the plate with clean water and allow the plate to dry completely before reinserting into the unit.

  5. Replace the plate to the back of the unit and plug the cord into the wall socket.


  • Slight variations may occur in units although basic cleaning methods are generally the same.
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