An Easy Way to Clean Silver

Silver can become dirty and tarnished over time. Whether the silver piece is jewelry, dinnerware, or flatware if it is dirty and tarnished its appearance is diminished. Cleaning silver is important in preserve the luster of the piece. Clean silver the easy way to save time and restore shine.

Preserve the beauty of your silver pieces by cleaning them regularly.
  1. Line the bottom and sides of a pot or baking dish with aluminum foil. The size of the pot or dish will depend on the size of the silver piece you are cleaning. Make sure the dish or pot is large enough for the silver piece to fit in and for it to be covered with water.

  2. Place the silver piece into the pot or dish directly on top of the aluminum foil. Be sure that the silver item is in contact with the foil.

  3. Fill a separate pot with water. Use enough water to completely cover the silver piece. Bring the water to a boil.

  4. Remove the water from the heat once it comes to a boil. Add 1 cup of baking soda to every gallon of hot water you are using. Hold the pot over the sink when adding the baking soda; it may foam up a bit and spill over the pot.

  5. Pour the baking soda and hot water mixture over the silver piece in the other pan. You will notice the tarnish disappearing from the silver quickly. Use a pair of tongs to rotate the silver piece around so that all of the tarnished areas eventually come into contact with the aluminum foil.

  6. Allow the silver piece to remain in the pot or dish until it has cooled down enough to remove. Rinse the silver in plain water. Buff dry with a soft cloth to remove any residue from the baking soda.