How to Hang Clothes on a High Closet Pole

Andrea Griffith

You've got great space in your closet because your closet poles are high. But you aren't tall enough to reach them. Instead of struggling to get your clothes on the pole, dragging a chair over to your closet to use a step or simply throwing your clothes on your bedroom floor, make your own clothes hanger pole long enough to hang clothes up and pull clothes down.

Keep your room organized by using a clothes hanger pole.
  1. Cut each hanger at the base of the hook, using wire cutters. You can use only one hanger if you prefer; but using two will ensure that the hanger is strong enough to lift heavier clothing.

  2. Tape the ends and tips of your hanger hooks using duct tape to ensure that the hooks do not rip or puncture clothing.

  3. Place your hooks together, side-by-side, and duct tape their bases together, making one thick hook.

  4. Hold your yardstick upright, and hold the hook to the wide side of the stick. The hook should be upside down on the yardstick--like an upside-down candy cane, with the bottom of the hook even with the top of the yardstick.

  5. Tape the hook into place using duct tape. Circle around the base of the hook and the yardstick several times with the tape. Do this as many times as needed so the hook does not wiggle.

  6. Grab a hanger with your hook, and place the hanger over the pole, as you would with your hand.