How to Set a Universal Garage Door Opener

Universal garage door openers are popular remotes used with a variety of garage door types. You can program these remotes directly to the motor to open the garage door, and they feature two or three buttons that you can set to open multiple doors. You can program your remote in minutes from inside your garage. The remote can be reprogrammed in the same way should the signal be lost or a remote broken.

Universal remotes work with various garage doors.
  1. Press and hold the two outside buttons on your universal remote until the red indicator light begins to blink on the remote.

  2. Choose which button on your remote that you want to use to open the garage door.

  3. Look in your remote manual for the list of garage door brands and their codes. Press and release the button you've chosen the number of times indicated for your garage door brand. To program the remote to open a Sears door, for example, you push the button four times.

  4. Press and hold the button you've chosen and wait for the indicator light on the remote to begin blinking again.

  5. Determine whether your motor has a "smart button" or a set of code switches. The smart button is located near the light lens and wire antenna on the back or side of your motor.

  6. Press the smart button on your garage door motor while still holding the button on your remote if there is a smart button. Hold both buttons for three seconds and release the buttons at the same time. Your programming will now be complete.

  7. Use the "1-2-3" buttons on your remote to enter the nine-digit code listed on your motor if there is not a smart button. Press the buttons on your remote one at a time in the order on your motor and wait for the red indicator light to blink after entering the code. The programming will then be complete.

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