How to Remove the Dishwasher Spray Arm in a GE Triton XL

Nathan McGinty

Although it is no longer manufactured, the GE Triton XL dishwasher is still a powerful appliance that can make short work of your dirty dishes. Its features included such innovations as an ExtraClean Sensor and QuietPower III Package, for a noise free kitchen. These dishwashers utilize a spray arm to distribute water at high pressure around the wash tub, cleaning your dishes of food and debris. If you need to perform some repairs on your appliance, such as replacing the motor, you'll first have to remove the dishwasher spray arm on your GE Triton XL.

Keep dishes from piling up with a new spray arm for your GE Triton XL
  1. Turn off the power to the electric circuit that holds the GE Triton XL at the main panel.

  2. Open the dishwasher door. Remove the bottom dishwasher rack.

  3. Locate the dishwasher spray arm hub at the high point in the center of the arm. Look for a thin line that runs around the top; this is the hub cap. Use the edge of a flathead screwdriver to pop off the hub cap. Be careful not to damage the plastic.

  4. Use the socket wrench to remove the bolt in the center of the spray arm hub.

  5. Gently pull the washer spray arm up and off of the spinner assembly.