How to Change the Belt in a Eureka Powerline Plus Vacuum

Carl Pruit

The Eureka Powerline Plus features a slim line exterior style and uses a belt that runs from the motor shaft to the brush roller. Occasionally, the vacuum belt will wear out or break because it is constantly moving during the operation of the vacuum.

  1. Unplug the electrical cord of the Eureka Powerline Plus Vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before attempting to change the belt.

  2. Depress the handle button on the top of the vacuum base and lower the handle down.

  3. Turn the vacuum over so that you are looking at the base plate and slide the plate latches away from the center by hand to loosen the plate from the vacuum.

  4. Take the base plate off the vacuum and slide the brush roller out of the slots in the vacuum.

  5. Remove the old belt from around the brush roller and remove any strings and debris from the roller.

  6. Place the new belt around the center of the brush roller, sliding the roller back into position in the vacuum base, and stretch the new belt around the motor shaft in the center of the vacuum base.

  7. Put the base plate back on the bottom of the vacuum and slide the plate latches in to secure the plate.