How to Change a Belt on the Hoover Empower

Abigail O'Connell

The belt on the Hoover Empower vacuum cleaner causes the agitator to rotate and is necessary for operation. The belt should be replaced when it appears stretched, cut or broken.

Step 1

Keep the handle of the Hoover Empower in an upright position and rest the cleaner on the floor.

Step 2

Remove the two screws located near the front of the brush roll cavity.

Step 3

Locate the handle release pedal behind the left wheel and press; lower the nozzle making it flat. Remove the hose end. Using the screwdriver, remove the two screws at the rear of the hood.

Step 4

Lift the hood from the vacuum cleaner.

Step 5

Remove the two screws behind the agitator cover. Remove the agitator cover.

Step 6

Remove the agitator and used belt. Discard the used belt.

Step 7

With the lettering visible on the outside, slide the new belt along the side of the cleaner cavity and over the motor pulley.

Step 8

Place the agitator through the belt and place the belt in the belt guide.

Step 9

Firmly fit the agitator into position by sliding the end opposite the belt into the rectangular slot on the side of the cleaner. Firmly pull the other side of the agitator in place.

Step 10

Turn the agitator to ensure the belt is not pinched between the agitator and the cleaner. The belt should rotate freely inside the belt guide. If the agitator does not turn, reposition the belt in the belt guide.

Step 11

Replace the agitator cover and fasten the two screws using the screwdriver.

Step 12

Replace the hood and fasten the two screws using the screwdriver.

Step 13

Raise the nozzle and replace the two screws located on the bottom.