How to Repair a Eureka Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners, such as Eureka, come in upright models designed for use on carpets.

Poor Suction

If your Eureka vacuum does not work properly, or has a bad part, it will need to be repaired. If your Eureka upright is getting poor suction, for instance, or if your brush is worn out, you can often make repairs yourself. The key is to determine the type of problem occurring with the unit.

Step 1

Turn the floor valve to the hose position to activate the attachment hose. Remove the attachment from the base of the vacuum and check the suction.

Step 2

Unscrew the fastener at the bottom of the vacuum next to the release tube. This will unlock the base hose.

Step 3

Lift up on the latch that is next to the floor valve. Slide the small clear tube off of the vacuum.

Step 4

Turn the twist lock to separate the tube from the hose. Examine the hose and tube for any type of blockage.

Step 5

Pull back and slide the large clear tube off of the vacuum. Turn the twist lock and the tube connection to separate the tube from the hose. Examine the tube and hose for any blockage.

Worn Out Brush

Step 1

Find and set the brush control lever to the “hard floor” selection.

Step 2

Turn the vacuum head upside down and find the base plate's screws. Remove the screws from the base plate with the Phillips head screwdriver. Lift up to remove the base plate from the base of the vacuum.

Step 3

Pull the brush roll out of the vacuum head and remove the old belt from the motor shaft.

Step 4

Insert the new belt over the motor shaft and the pulley on the brush roll. Place the left end of the brush roll into the base of the vacuum head.

Things You Will Need

  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Brush roll
  • Replacement belt


  • Remove all debris from the bottom of the vacuum head when replacing the brush roll.

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