How to Repair a Countertop Chip

Although laminate countertops are a durable material, they are not indestructible. After continued use, hot pans or sharp knives might chip a laminate countertop's surface. However, certain products can help you get rid of the chip in your countertop. It will take a few tools and a special product to cover up the chip. Small chips can be filled in, but you may have to call in a professional if the chip is large.

  1. Add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to a soft cloth and thoroughly wipe the countertop to remove debris. Completely dry the area with a soft cloth.

  2. Fill in the chipped area with a laminate repair paste that matches the color of the countertop, using a putty knife.

  3. Scrape over the top of the paste with a putty knife to make it even with the countertop surface. Wait for the past to set at least 24 hours, and tape off the area with masking tape so others know not to touch it since it may be difficult to see.