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How to Install a Frigidaire Ice Maker

Heather Jones

The most up-to-date Frigidaire refrigerators are built ice maker-ready. Some have an ice maker included, and some don't. For those that do not, an ice maker kit is required. Purchase the affordable kits online or at any local store selling Frigidaire appliances. Installing a Frigidaire ice maker is a simple process once the water line and tubing is set up properly.

Flush the water line to ensure that your ice will be clean.
  1. Install the saddle valve. Locate the cold water line on your home's plumbing, either under the kitchen sink or under the house. Turn the main valve off. Clamp the saddle valve onto the cold water line tightly, and turn the valve all the way in so that it pierces the water line without leaking.

  2. Attach a sleeve to the plastic tubing and secure it with a compression nut on each end. Turn the water on and run the tubing into a bucket to clear it of any debris, then turn the water back off. Tighten one end of the plastic tubing to the saddle valve installed on the cold water line.

  3. Drill holes, close to the wall, with a 3/8-inch drill bit that will lead the tubing to the saddle valve. Snake the tubing through the holes, then set it aside.

  4. Locate the fitting on the back of the refrigerator and remove the cork or plugs where the ice maker will be installed. Pull the sticker off of the hole for the ice maker's tube.

  5. Connect the wiring harness of the ice maker to the wiring harness of the refrigerator where the sticker was removed. Lock both ends of the wiring harnesses together.

  6. Place the ice maker inside of the freezer. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws into the aligned holes, securing the ice maker in place. Place the tray that came with the kit underneath the ice maker.

  7. Attach the water filter tube of the ice maker to the hole on the back of the refrigerator that was uncovered. Secure the locking clips that come with the tube so that there are no leaks.

  8. Screw the fill tube to the plastic line before attaching it to the refrigerator vertically with clamps, so that it reaches the bottom. Check to make sure that the tubes are secure.

  9. Remove the cover to the compressor of the refrigerator with a screwdriver. Install the water valve and plug it into the wiring harness at the bottom of the refrigerator.

  10. Connect the plastic tubing running from the saddle valve on the cold water line to the valve on the refrigerator. Tighten it before screwing the cover back onto the compressor.

  11. Turn the main valve at the cold water line back on and check for any leaks. Wait up to 48 hours for the ice bin to become full.