How to Protect Mattress Corners

The corners on your bed's mattress are susceptible to being bumped out of shape even when you do have a headboard and footboard attached to your bed frame. The mattress corners may get crushed and sag against the headboard and footboard every time you roll over, and the mattress corners will become deformed over time and provide less support for your sleeping form. Protect your mattress corners by using mattress corner guards.

  1. Slide your mattress down toward the footboard away from the headboard or the wall if you do not have a headboard. Do not crush the bottom mattress corners on the footboard.

  2. Cut pieces of foam and place them into the corner guards to make them fit more snugly on each mattress corner.

  3. Attach four corner guards on the mattress' top corners, both on the surface corners and underneath corners. Some plastic corner guards will snap on regulation size mattresses while others may have to be glued on.

  4. Push the mattress all of the way back to the headboard or wall, ensuring that you do not crush the top mattress corners. This should leave a small gap between the mattress and the footboard.

  5. Attach four corner guards on the mattress' bottom corners, both on the surface corners and underneath corners. Gently adjust the mattress by pushing it closer to the footboard.

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