Deni Food Dehydrator 7100 Instructions

Kittie McCoy

The Deni food dehydrator 7100 consists of an electrical base that produces heat and also features a fan to circulate hot air through a stack of dehydrator trays to evenly dry fruits, vegetables and meats. You can create beef jerky, dried fruits and vegetables, fruit leathers and even dried soup bases or crackers in your food dehydrator, but you may need to experiment with your recipes to render foods that suit your own personal tastes.

Dry fruit in your food dehydrator for healthy snacking.
  1. Place the base of the food dehydrator on a flat, level surface away from the edge of a table or counter to prevent the dehydrator from falling.

  2. Plug the Deni food dehydrator into an electrical outlet.

  3. Place one of the dehydrator trays on top of the base. The tray will stay in place and does not need to be snapped down or locked onto the base.

  4. Arrange fruit, vegetables or marinated meat onto the dehydrator tray in one single layer.

  5. Place a second dehydrator tray on top of the first, if necessary, and arrange another single layer of food. Continue to stack trays and food as needed.

  6. Set the lid of the Deni food dehydrator on top of the stack of dehydrator trays.

  7. Push the power switch on the front of the base of the food dehydrator to the "on" position.

  8. Lift the trays to check the food inside the food dehydrator every half hour until the food is dried to your satisfaction.