How to Change a Thermador Double Oven Clock

Melanie Jo Triebel

It can be frustrating when your oven clock is set to the wrong time. Fortunately, setting the clock on a Thermador Double Oven is a simple process that will give you an accurate display of the time.

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  1. Locate the "Clock" and "Start" buttons. They are located in various places around the display screen on different Thermador Double Ovens.

  2. Press the "Clock" button. The display screen may read "Enter Time of Day Then Touch Start" or will say nothing, depending on the model of Thermador that you have.

  3. Enter the correct time by pressing the number buttons. If your model scrolled a message in Step 2, the same message will continue scrolling across the screen.

  4. Press either the "Start" or "Clock" button. Your clock is now set.