How to Restore NiMH Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride, or NiMH, batteries are rechargeable batteries commonly used to power electronic products.
They are found in products such as laptops, toys, digital cameras, cell phones, camcorders, power tools and small, household electronics. With time and use, the amount of time NiMH batteries can power a product begins to diminish. Reconditioning the battery can help restore function to it. Although reconditioning the battery can help, eventually the battery will die and need to be replaced. If reconditioning doesn't restore function, the battery should be replaced.

Step 1

Place the NiMH battery or battery pack into the electronic device it's designed to be used in. Ensure the battery is properly installed into the battery bay following the +/- symbols present in the battery bay or on the battery cover.

Step 2

Turn the device that uses the battery on. Leave the device on until the battery dies or is completely drained.

Step 3

Recharge the battery. Depending on the electronic device, this process may vary. Some products may use a charger that plugs into the electronic device and powers the battery. Other products require the batteries to be removed and placed into a battery charging device. If you are unsure how to charge the batteries in your product, refer to the product's user manual. Allow the batteries to fully charge. Most NiMH batteries recharge within four to 12 hours.

Step 4

Repeat the discharge/recharge process two more times, so the battery has been drained and recharged a total of three times. The battery should be reconditioned at least once every six months, regardless of use or when the battery efficiency begins to decrease.

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