Black & Decker Automatic Bread Maker 1500 Instructions

Ruchika Sachdeva

Warm, homemade bread is a true delight---it fills your house with a delicious aroma, and you get the pleasure of making bread just the way you like it as a bonus. With a few simple steps, you can put your Black and Decker Automatic Bread Maker 1500 to good use.

General Usage

The Black and Decker Automatic Bread Maker 1500 lets you choose what kind of bread you'd like to make.
  1. Place the bread maker on a hard, flat surface so it rests flat. Pull the wire handle to remove the baking pan from the unit.

  2. Attach the kneading blade to the bottom shaft of the pan.

  3. Add the wet ingredients into the bread pan first, starting with water at room temperature, followed by the dry ingredients. The dry yeast goes last so that it does not touch water.

  4. Insert the baking pan into the unit by pressing and folding the handle down. The two grooves on the pan surface should face the front of the unit. Once the unit is fully seated, you will hear a clicking sound.

  5. Plug in the bread maker; the red light under "Powdered Milk" will flash.

  6. Press the "Bread Type" button until the desired settings are achieved. A red light will glow in the appropriate window.

  7. Press "Start." The red "Operation" light will appear and flash for about five minutes. The light will then become steady, indicating that the unit is functional.

  8. Once the unit stops beeping and the yellow "Complete" light stays on, press the "Reset" button and open the unit .

  9. Pull the pan out and invert it to shake the bread out. Let the bread cool on a wire rack.

Kneading Dough

    Let the dough rise after kneading.
  1. Your Black and Decker Bread Maker also doubles as a dough-kneading machine. Use it to avoid the effort of kneading the dough for flat bread like naan and other varieties that you might want to bake in the oven. To use the kneading feature, press "Bread Type" button until desired dough settings are achieved. A red light will appear in the dough window indicative of the dough settings.

  2. Press start. A red "Operation" light will appear and stay lit for about five minutes.

  3. Press the "Reset" button when the yellow "Complete" light is illuminated. This indicates that the dough is done.

Slow Cooking Timer

  1. This bread maker will act as a "slow cooker" so you can have fresh, hot bread ready when you come home from work or from an evening out. Count the number of hours you want the bread to bake for. For example, if the time is noon and you want the bread for dinner at 7.30 p.m., then the desired bake time is seven hours and 30 minutes.

  2. Follow steps three to six from the instructions for general usage above.

  3. Set the timer for the desired number of hours by pressing the up and down arrows. For setting the timer to seven hours and 30 minutes, press the arrow until the number 7 appears in the timer window and the red light is illuminated on the 30-minute symbol. A green light will flash while the timer is being set. Timer is set when the green timer light illuminates permanently.

  4. Press "Start." The timer will start ticking off.

  5. Once the unit starts beeping and the timer stops, press "Reset" and remove the bread.