How do I Fix an Electrolux Ambassador Vacuum Cleaner?

The Electrolux Ambassador is a canister vacuum cleaner with attachments designed to suction clean carpets and hard floors. The Ambassador's crevice nozzle will suck dirt and debris out of narrow areas. Its combo dusting and upholstery brush, combined with its variable suction, means it can be used to clean soft furnishings, picture frames, lampshades and polished wooden surfaces. The machine's extension wands allow the dusting brush to whisk cobwebs out of high ceiling corners. If you experience a problem with your Ambassador, it may well be possible to fix without calling in the experts.

Reduction in Suction Due to Clogged Afterfilters

The Ambassador has a combo dusting and upholstery tool.
  1. Remove attachments from the clip on top of the canister.

  2. Press the release latch at the rear of the canister and lift the filter grille away from the main body of the machine.

  3. Remove the clogged afterfilter and replace with a new one.

  4. Insert the two tabs on the filter grille into the corresponding slots on the canister and push the grille back into position.

Cleaner's Hose is Clogged

  1. Remove cleaning attachments from the clip on the top of the canister.

  2. Press the release latch at the rear of the vacuum to free the cover.

  3. Lift the afterfilter off its position.

  4. Insert the machine end of the cleaner's hose, which is normally attached to the front of the canister, into the blower attachment receptacle that lies under the afterfilter.

  5. Switch the Ambassador vacuum on, and the blockage should be blown out of the hose.

Object Caught in Sidekick Attachment

  1. Switch off the Sidekick attachment, which is a tool powered by its own motor and designed for easy maneuverability.

  2. Switch off Ambassador vacuum.

  3. Turn the Sidekick over. If the object is caught in the revolving brush, remove it gently.

  4. Detach the handgrip if the object is trapped further into the unit. The blockage can then be removed through the rear.


  • Always turn your Ambassador Vacuum off before attaching the Sidekick tool.
  • Keep your hands away from the Sidekick brush while it is in use.
  • Never store your cleaner out of doors. It must be kept in a dry area.
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