How to Change the Belt on a Hoover U4293-930

Kenneth Crawford

The Hoover U4293-930 vacuum is part of the Elite line of upright vacuums. Like most vacuums, the Elite line uses a belt to operate the agitator brush roller. Changing the belt on a Hoover U4293-930 requires removing the bottom and the hood of the vacuum cleaner. The belt travels through a hole in the body of the vacuum head. The belt connects to the motor on one side of the head and onto the brush from the bottom of the vacuum.

  1. Unplug the Hoover Elite vacuum power cord from the wall outlet. Lower the handle to the floor and turn the vacuum over so that the bottom of the vacuum head is facing you.

  2. Locate the two slots on each end of the bottom plate near the agitator brush wheel. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the slot on the right. Push toward the back of the vacuum head. This releases the clip holding the bottom plate. Repeat the process on the left slot.

  3. Pull the bottom plate extension up with your fingers. Remove the plate from the vacuum. The extension is the long piece of the bottom plate next to the rear wheel. Locate the four notches on the side of the vacuum head that secure the vacuum cover. There are notches by each wheel and toward the side of the agitator brush roller.

  4. Insert the the screwdriver into the notches by the wheels. Press toward the back of the vacuum head until the front cover releases. Insert the screwdriver into the front notches. Pry outward to release the front of the cover.

  5. Turn the vacuum over and remove the nozzle control knob on the top front of the vacuum cover. The knob pulls straight off with your fingers. Lift the vacuum head cover off the vacuum. Slide the belt of the motor pulley.

  6. Rotate the vacuum back to the upside down position. Pull the agitator brush roller out of the vacuum head, bring the belt through opening on the vacuum head body.

  7. Remove the belt from the agitator brush roller. Place a new belt over the roller and on the belt channel. The belt rides on a channel on the roller. Insert the agitator brush roller back into the vacuum head, threading the belt through the hole in the vacuum body.

  8. Position the front tabs of the bottom plate into the holes on the front of the vacuum body. Lower the bottom plate over the vacuum until it snaps into place.

  9. Turn the vacuum over and stretch the belt over the motor pulley with your fingers. The hole in the vacuum body acts as a guide for the belt. Place the cover over the vacuum head and press in on the top until it snaps into position. Push the nozzle control knob back onto the vacuum.