GE Adora Troubleshooting

The General Electric Adora is a front-loading clothes washer with an Energy Star rating and a stainless steel basket. It measures 27 inches by 41 1/2 inches by 31 1/4 inches and offers LED display indicators for the various washer features. The washer includes a patented internal heater to increase the water temperature in order to remove tough stains on clothes, as well as a reverse wash action to gently clean delicate items. If problems occur using the GE Adora, troubleshooting the issues may help resolve the problem.

The pump filter of a front-loading washer needs to be cleaned occasionally.

Step 1

Increase the load size if you're washing both heavy and light items and the washer is not spinning, draining or agitating.  Distribute the items evenly inside the washer drum and check to make sure the drain hose is not kinked.

Step 2

Clean the pump filter if the washer is not washing, draining or spinning.  The pump filter is located inside a small access door on the front bottom of the washer. Use a coin to push open the notch on the front access door, and place a small dish under the access door.  Pull down the pour spout and drain the filter. Turn the filter counterclockwise to remove and rinse the filter with cool water.  Place the filter back in the unit, push up the pour spout and close the access door.

Step 3

Wipe off the rubber seal on the washer door if water is dripping from the door.  Check the back left area of the washer for water, which indicates that too much detergent is being used. Reduce the amount of detergent used with each load. 

Step 4

Check the drain hose for kinks if the clothes remain soaking wet after the wash cycle has completed.  Ensure the washer is not sitting on the drain hose and that it has a clear path in order to drain properly.

Step 5

Ensure there are no sharp objects, pencils, screws, loose snaps, hooks or buckles on or in clothes if there are snags, holes or tears in clothes after washing.  Do not overload the machine with clothes.

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