How to Find Out About New Construction Permits

To determine when builders plan to start a new construction project in a certain area, you have a couple of options. For instance, you can conduct your due diligence when it comes to building permits, browse inspection data and even view plans of the architectural variety from your city or town. You have the ability to ask for this information in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act. If you want to find out what type of construction is on the drawing board for your area, you can do this with ease.

You can find out about new construction permits via various avenues.
  1. Phone the office of the building department in your area to inquire about their procedure when it comes to the retrieval of construction permits. Let them know you want to find out the cost of obtaining a copy of a particular construction permit.

  2. Travel to the building department and complete the required forms to obtain copies of the permits you desire. Allow the workers at the department to gather the information you need. Then look over the permits they give you to ensure you have the correct documents.

  3. Go to the office of the building official in your area, and bring the information you already have with you if you do not understand anything that it contains. When you see the person in charge of new permits for construction, ask if he knows of any upcoming construction activity in your area.