How to Troubleshoot Caloric Range Controls

The Caloric range is a combination stove and oven from the Caloric brand, which was purchased then later terminated by the Amana Company. Caloric ranges are available in gas and electric models and can still be purchased online or in select used appliance or home retail stores. The Caloric's controls may be used to program or operate the stove and oven and may occasionally require some troubleshooting.

  1. Turn off the Caloric range and unplug it from the power supply if the controls are not working. Wait five minutes and plug it back into the power supply to reset.

  2. Reset the time if the clock is not keeping accurate time or keeps reversing to "0:00." Press the "Clock" button and turn the "Time/Temp" dial to set the correct time.

  3. Reset the timer if it does not revert to the standard display after the timer has completed. Press the "Minute Timer" button and turn the "Time/Temp" dial in a counter-clockwise motion to return to the time display.

  4. Do not attempt to open the oven door if the door is locked following a "self clean" cycle. The oven remains locked for up to 30 minutes once the self-clean cycle is finished to allow the oven sufficient time to cool down completely. Wait for "Lock" to disappear from the display before attempting to open the door.

  5. Press "Off/Cancel" if the desired cooking temperature, setting or cycle is not performing correctly after setting the controls. Pressing "Off/Cancel" will cancel all operations with the exception of the timer, which can be turned off by following the directions in Step 2.

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