How to Clean an Electrolux Chef Oven

Mary McNally

The Electrolux Chef oven is a self-cleaning oven that cycles through the oven cleaning process in just a few hours. A "Lite" cleaning will take 2 hours, a "Medium cleaning, 3 hours and a "Heavy" cleaning will be completed in 4 hours. (Ref 2) Once the oven is set to self-cleaning mode, the oven door locks, and the oven heats up to cycle through the cleaning process. No special oven cleaners are needed.

Some ovens are self-cleaning.

Step 1

Wait until the oven is cool, then remove all of the oven racks. Wipe up any spills or cooking debris with a wet sponge and dish soap.

Step 2

Select "Oven." Set the Electrolux Chef Oven control to "Clean."

Step 3

Choose a cleaning time or cleaning level such as "Lite," "Medium" or "Heavy."

Step 4

Select "Start" or "Delayed Start" on the oven's panel control and input a start time. The oven icon will flash and the oven door will start to lock. The oven icon will stop flashing and remain on when the door is locked completely.

Step 5

Do not pull on the oven's door handle during the cleaning cycle. The oven door will unlock when the oven icon turns off and the oven has cooled properly.