How to Troubleshoot a Uniden PowerMax 5.8

The Uniden PowerMax 5.

Troubleshoot a Uniden PowerMax 5.8
8 is a cordless phone with a 5. 8 GHz digital spread spectrum. It includes two handsets and there is a keypad and speakerphone on the base. The cordless phone has a limited one-year warranty. Uniden America Corporation will repair or replace the phone free of charge during the first year. Troubleshoot the phone before calling for warranty service. Common problems are often resolved through troubleshooting. .

Plug the AC adapter into the wall fully and seat the handset on the base properly if the "Status" light does not illuminate when the handset is placed on the base. Clean the charging contacts on the base and handset with a dry cloth, if needed.

Move the base away from appliances or metal objects that may cause interference if the sound is weak, fading or scratchy. Press the "select/ch" button to change the channel and reduce or eliminate noise. Move closer to the base if you are too far away.

Check the telephone cord to ensure that it has not been pulled out of the phone or jack if you cannot make a call. Unplug the adapter and wait two to three minutes before you plug it in again. Move closer to the base if you are out of range.

Place the handset on the base and allow it to charge for at least 15 hours if the handset does not ring.

Reset the security code by taking the handset off the base. Press and hold the "xfer/delete" and "end" buttons until you hear a beep and "De-register?" appears on the screen. Press the "+" sign to select "Yes." Press the "select/ch" button. "Deregistration Complete" will display on the screen. Unplug the adapter. Press the "find handset" button while plugging the adapter in. Hold the button until the "status" light on the base flashes. Press the "talk/flash" button. "Registration Complete" displays after the handset is registered.

Allow the phone to ring at least twice before answering the phone for the Caller ID to display.

Place the handset on the base for five seconds to re-register the handset to the base if "Unavailable" is displayed on the screen. If the other handset is in use, "unavailable" will display on the screen.

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