How to Repair and Adjust the Height of a Hoover U5180-900

Kaye Wagner

The U5180-900 is Hoover's Fusion Vacuum. The vacuum features a cyclonic filtration system that will not lose suction. The machine is also bagless and comes with extension wands and crevice tools and brushes. It also has an adjustable nozzle, which allows you to clean carpets of different lengths. When the machine breaks or doesn't work properly, you can hire a professional to repair it or you can repair it yourself. Purchase Hoover part No. 38528040 for a new belt and part No. 27313107 for a new headlight.

Belt Replacement

  1. Turn off the vacuum and unplug it. Step on the handle release bar and lower it to the ground.

  2. Slide a coin into the two slots on either side of the hood and twist them to the unlocked position. This will unlock the hood. Lift the back of the hood off the machine and pull the front of the hood out.

  3. Remove the brush roll and belt by pulling the brush roll out of the machine. The belt will come off easily if it is broken. Throw away the broken belt.

  4. Install the new belt by wrapping one end around the motor pulley. The motor pulley is on the back of the right side of the machine foot. It is a peg that sticks out and rotates. The lettering must face out.

  5. Wrap the other end of the belt around the right grooved side of the brush roll.

  6. Press the brush roll into the machine. The belt will stretch taut if it is installed properly. Turn the brush roll to see if it rotates with the motor pulley. If it does, it is installed properly. If it doesn't, check for twists or kinks in the belt and reinstall it.

  7. Replace the hood by aligning the tabs on the hood with the slots on the machine and pressing the back of the hood into the back of the machine. Lock the hood by rotating the screws with a coin.

Headlight Replacement

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug it. Step on the handle release bar and lower the handle to the floor.

  2. Remove the screw on the plastic lens with a Phillips-head screwdriver.

  3. Remove the broken bulb by pulling it straight out of the socket.

  4. Install the replacement bulb by pressing it into the socket until it locks into place. It's not necessary to press hard for it to click into place.

  5. Screw the lens back into place and lift the machine handle.

Adjusting Height

  1. Place the handle in the upright position.

  2. Step in front of the machine so that you can access the nozzle control knob.

  3. Twist the nozzle control knob to the correct setting for the height of the carpet you are cleaning. The nozzle will lower or raise once you've lowered the handle in the operating position.