How to Change the Light Bulb on a High Ceiling

Sidney Johns

Safely changing a light bulb in a high ceiling yourself can save you money over hiring a professional. High ceilings often offer a desirable dramatic look to a room. A lofted or two-story open plan gives a spacious feeling to a home. When a light bulb burns out, however, the quandary of how to reach it becomes an issue. With a few tools and safety guidelines, you can avoid calling a maintenance service and solve the issue yourself.

Using an extended-life light bulb will limit the number of changes needed.
  1. Select a new bulb. Choose a bulb designed for extended life. Be sure it is the proper size and wattage for the outlet.

  2. Ask for assistance. An extra pair of hands is needed to execute the project safely.

  3. Set up the ladder. Place the top of the ladder directly under the bulb.

  4. Climb the ladder to the point where you can safely reach the bulb on flat feet. Have your assistant steady and hold the ladder in place.

  5. Unscrew the original bulb and replace it with the new bulb.

  6. Climb slowly and safely back down the ladder and discard the old bulb.

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