Genie 4000 Program Directions

The Genie H4000 series is one of the AC powered screw drive garage door openers. The Genie H4000 has built-in safety features, like Safe-T-Stop, Safe-T-Reverse, and ForceGuard Control. However, there are plenty of safety warnings. Pay attention to those while operating this garage door opener. Once the Genie H4000 has been installed, follow the included maintenance and programming instructions to get the most out of the product.

You can operate your garage door from the Remote Control, after you've programmed it with your own functions.

Step 1

Program the Remote Control buttons to your particular specifications.  Press the Learn Button and the little red light (the Indicator Light) blinks twice per second.

Press the Learn Button again and the red light stays lit.  If you press the button a third time, the light goes out, which means you have saved your instructions in the Remote Control.

Step 2

Use the Remote Control to open and close the garage door.  Press the round central button to move the garage door either up to open or down to close.

Press the button again to stop the garage door from moving.  If you press the button a third time, the door reverses direction.

Step 3

Adjust the Limit Switches and Force Controls if you're having difficulty opening or closing the garage door.  Open the front panel of the Power head and locate the adjusting screws, which are marked either "Close" to close the door or "Open" to open the door.

Gently turn the screw counterclockwise.  Tighten the Limit Switch Set screw.

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