Weathertech Tx2000 Directions

Shawn McClain

The Weathertech TX2000 indoor/outdoor thermometer is manufactured by La Crosse Technology and branded with the Discovery Channel's logo. The unit features a detached outdoor sensor that wirelessly updates the main indoor station, so you can have quick access to both your house temperature and the outdoor temperature on one unit. The TX2000 also receives nightly transmissions from the U.S. Atomic Clock to maintain an accurate time reading without you having to do anything.

Step 1

Turn the remote temperature sensor over and push down to remove the battery cover. Insert two AA batteries into the unit. Then turn the indoor station over and place a coin in the slot on the lower part of the battery cover. Push up and pull the cover off, then insert two AA batteries into the unit. Replace both of the covers.

Step 2

Watch the indoor unit and wait until it displays both the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Then wait an additional 15 minutes while the devices pair with each other.

Step 3

Find an outdoor location that is within 330 feet of the indoor sensor, taking into account that each wall subtracts about 30 feet from that distance. Place the mounting bracket on a north-facing wall that will not get much direct sunlight or rain. Screw the bracket into the wall with the three provided screws, then place the sensor in the bracket.

Step 4

Place the indoor unit on its stand, then place the stand in a part of the house where it will not receive direct sunlight.

Step 5

Press and hold the "Set" button for five seconds to access the settings. There are 10 different settings that you can manipulate: LCD contrast, Time zone, DST, Time reception, 12/24 hour clock, Time, Year, Day and Month, Snooze and Temperature format. Change the settings with the "In" and "Out" buttons and press the "Set" button to advance to the next setting.

Step 6

Press the "In" and "Out" buttons to display the minimum and maximum records for the indoor or outdoor units. The temperature, date and time will flash on the display.

Step 7

Use a coin to remove the small panel on the bottom of the indoor unit to access four additional buttons. These buttons are used to set up the two alarms on the unit, view the alarm settings and activate the snooze function while the alarm is going off.