How to Quiet a Noisy Shop Vac

"Shop Vac" and "quiet" are certainly not synonymous, but there are measures you can take to troubleshoot and reduce the noise levels of your Shop-Vac. If you use the Shop-Vac repeatedly without performing the recommended maintenance, you'll likely notice that it becomes louder over time. This can be caused by dirty filters, a plugged suction tube or a loose hose connection. Regular maintenance will keep your Shop-Vac running at an optimum level.

Clean your Shop-Vac regularly to reduce its noise levels.
  1. Empty the Shop-Vac on a regular basis. These machines are built to do heavy-duty cleaning, but leaving them full of debris all the time will undoubtedly decrease their performance.

  2. Clean your filters after heavy usage. Shop-Vacs use two filters: a ribbed filter within the vacuum, as well as an outer paper filter. Clean the ribbed filter using soapy water.

  3. Replace the filters if they're damaged. Purchase new filters online at the Shop-Vac store or your local hardware store.

  4. Rinse your hose and accessories out to keep the Shop-Vac running smoothly and to reduce noise levels.

  5. Make sure your hose is properly connected to the Shop-Vac.