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How to Remove a Waste King Splash Guard

Kenneth Crawford

Most standard garbage disposals use a splash guard to prevent food from coming back up out of the drain during the disposal process. When the flaps on the splash guard become damaged or you need to unjam the blades, it is necessary to remove the splash guard. Waste King uses a removable splash guard. Unlike many disposals, the Waste King splash guard threads into the sink drain rather than attaches underneath between the disposal and sink flange. This makes removal and installation of the splash guard much simpler.

  1. Unplug the Waste King garbage disposal from the outlet. If your Waste King is hard-wired to the house electrical system, turn off the circuit breaker to the disposal.

  2. Stick the rubber handles of a pair of pliers into the garbage disposal just past the flaps of the splash guard. Spread the handles out so they press against the sides of the splash guard.

  3. Turn the pliers counterclockwise and unthread the Waste King splash guard from the disposal drain. The covering on the pliers's handles and the rubber sides of the splash guard provide grip to turn the guard. Lift the splash guard away from the disposal.