How to Troubleshoot an Electric Igniter on a Viking Range

Daniel Holzer

Viking is a home appliance brand that offers high-end professional quality equipment for home use. Viking offers a series of a dozen professional-grade gas ranges customizable for your needs and home design. Like many gas ranges, Viking stoves feature electric igniters on their burners for ease of use. When the burners will not ignite, as they should, Viking recommends you troubleshoot a few possible solutions before contacting your retailer or Viking directly for service.

Many gas ranges use electric igniters to spark the burner fires.
  1. Verify your Viking range is plugged securely into an appropriately grounded electrical outlet. The electrical igniter will not light without electricity.

  2. Check your home's fuse box and install the correct fuse replacements.

  3. Reset your building's circuit breaker if it has been tripped.

  4. Verify the gas shutoff valve is turned fully in the "On" position if the igniters are clicking but the burners are not lighting.

  5. Ensure all the burners are off and wipe down the Viking range with a damp cloth. Dirty or wet electric igniters will not work, so allow it to air dry completely before using.

  6. Contact a qualified electrician if none of the other solutions solved the problem. It may be a polarity or wiring issue in the stove or in house wiring.