How to Unroll Camper Awnings

Amy Kingston

Sitting outside in the harsh sun all day is not an ideal way to spend a camping trip. The awning on your camper provides a shady place to sit or protection from a light rain. If you don't know how to unroll the awning, you are not taking advantage of one of the features designed to enhance your comfort while camping. Familiarize yourself with the parts of the awning and you will be able to extend it quickly.

An awning can provide years of enjoyment if it is properly maintained.
  1. Locate the rafter knobs on the rafters. The rafters are inside the awning arms, which are attached to the side of the camper. Turn both knobs counterclockwise to loosen.

  2. Push the travel locks away from the awning arms. The travel locks are on the sides of the awning arms.

  3. Use an awning rod to pull the ratchet lever on the end of the roller tube forward into the roll out position.

  4. Insert the hook on the end of the awning rod into the pull strap attached to the roller tube. Pull the strap with the awning rod to roll out the awning.

  5. Slide the rafters up the inside of the arms. The rafters will click into place when pushed over the rafter latches at the top of the arms. Turn the rafter knobs clockwise to tighten.

  6. Grasp the handle on an awning arm and push the awning arm up to raise the awning to the desired height. Repeat to raise the other awning arm.

  7. Repeat the steps in reverse order to roll up the awning.