How to Program and Troubleshoot a Napco Alarm

A Napco alarm system can help give you peace of mind by ensuring that your home will be guarded in case of a break-in while you are away or in bed. After you have the alarm system professionally installed, you will be able to program the system with several user codes that will allow members of your family to arm and disable the alarm as they leave and come home. The instructions for programming and troubleshooting the alarm are easy to learn.


  1. Press the "Menu" button on the control panel of your Napco system to enter the menu for the device. Press the "No" button for each option that appears until you see the "Activate Program" option. Press the "Yes" button when you see this option, and you will enter the programming screen.

  2. Enter a two-digit user number using the keypad. This number will correspond to a member of your family and will be used to set up a unique code for each person. Press the "Menu" button twice when finished.

  3. Enter in a six-digit passcode for this user with the number pad. Write down this number -- the user will need it to activate or deactivate the system. This passcode cannot be the same as the passcode for another user. Press the "Enter" button when finished. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each user you want to program.


  1. Check all of the doors and windows in your home if the display reads "Zones Not Normal" or "Can't Arm System." These error messages mean that a door may not be closed all the way or a window might be open somewhere in your home. Close the open door or window to continue.

  2. Call your security service provider if the display reads "System Trouble." You will see an error code flash after the "System Trouble" message. Write down this error code, and relay it to the agent you reach. Follow their instructions to solve the issue. Pressing the "Reset" button might allow you to temporarily arm the system, depending on the issue.

  3. Press the "Enter" button if the fire alarm or security alarm sounds but there does not appear to be any problems. Press the "Reset" button to reset the system, and enter your passcode to activate the alarm once again. If the system continues to go off and there is no problem, contact your security provider.

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