My Kenmore Refrigerator Model 970 Is Not Working

Kenmore brand refrigerators come in all shapes, sizes and with several different features, including temperature and humidity control, easy clean shelves, large crisper drawers, ice maker and retainers for tall containers or bottles. The Kenmore refrigerator models that begin with the number 970 are top-freezer or side-by-side models with an automatic defrost feature and can be purchased online or in many stores. These units should operate well with only basic maintenance. However, if issues arise such as when the refrigerator will not work, some troubleshooting steps may help users find the problem and possibly locate a solution as well.

  1. Check the power cord and ensure it is firmly connected into the Kenmore refrigerator as well as the electrical outlet.

  2. Reset the circuit breaker or fuse and ensure the fuse has a 15 amp time-delay to provide enough power to the refrigerator.

  3. Ensure the temperature control knob is turned past "0" and is set at a temperature cool enough to require motor function from the refrigerator.

  4. Wait 20 minutes and check the power on the refrigerator again, as the unit may be in a defrost cycle, which may make it seem as if it was turned off.

  5. Contact a service professional if the above steps do not fix the problem.

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