How to Care for Carpets With Wheelchair Traffic

Megan Mattingly-Arthur

If someone in your home uses a wheelchair, maintaining clean, beautiful carpets can seem like an impossible task. Though frequent wheelchair traffic does present some interesting carpet maintenance challenges, much of the care required to maintain wheelchair-trafficked carpets is simple and preventive in nature. Regular care and cleaning helps ensure that the carpets in your home stay attractive and last longer.

Step 1

Position large rugs at each entrance to your home and in high-traffic areas to catch dirt, mud or grime carried in on the wheelchair wheels and to protect the carpet from wear. Shake out the rugs every one to two weeks; machine wash them as necessary.

Step 2

Keep a basket with clean towels and wheelchair tire cleaning spray at each entrance. Use the towels and tire cleaning spray to wipe dirt, mud or slush off the wheelchair wheels before it has a chance to soil your carpet.

Step 3

Clean any spills from the carpet immediately, using a liquid or foam carpet cleaner, to prevent them from staining. For most effective results, use the carpet cleaning product according to the label instructions.

Step 4

Vacuum the carpet at least once a week to keep it free of dirt and dust particles. Note that regular vacuuming also helps to stand the carpet's pile upright and prevents unsightly matting.

Step 5

Shampoo the carpet with a steam cleaning machine every three to six months to remove embedded dirt and grime particles. Operate the machine according to the manual's instructions.