How to Mount a Loft Bed to the Wall

Jake Wayne

A loft bed can be a useful addition to a child's room or any other sleeping area with cramped conditions. A standard twin-sized loft frees up more than 20 square feet of floor space for other uses. However, some lofts wobble on their long legs. This is often disconcerting but can also be dangerous, especially in older beds. Securing the bed to a nearby wall is one way of stabilizing a loft to make it safer and more comfortable.

  1. Position the loft bed so it lies along at least one wall.

  2. Use a stud finder to find a point where a wall stud intersects one component of the loft bed. Mark the position on either side with a pencil.

  3. Place a C bracket around the component, laying its flanges against the wall. Mark the wall through the holes in the bracket.

  4. Remove the bracket. Drill a hole into the wall at each marking. Use a drill bit 1/8 inch narrower than the diameter of the screws that came with the bracket.

  5. Set the bracket back in place, lining up the holes in the flanges with the holes drilled in the wall. Screw it in place by drilling the screws into the pilot holes.