How to Program a Marantec

The Marantec series of remote garage door opening systems allows users the convenience of opening and closing their garage doors with the press of a button. Each Marantec model works in essentially the same manner but may differ in its motor type and design. The programming of a Marantec remote is the same no matter which model you are using. This makes it convenient for people who are familiar with one model to adapt to a new one.

  1. Press and hold down the "P" button on the base of the Marantec unit for about two seconds. You will see the LEDs light up and the LED #1 will start blinking.

  2. Press and hold the "P" button again until the #7 LED lights up and start blinking.

  3. Press and hold the main control button on the Marantec remote control, then press and release the "P" button on the base again. This action stores the code of the remote into the unit. The #8 LED will light up to show that the unit is now ready to operate.

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