How to Adjust the Picture Position on a Philips LCD

Andrew Todd

Phillips LCD televisions have inputs to accept signals from many different devices, including cable boxes, gaming consoles, computers and even memory cards. Each device has display properties specific to the device, and as such, each device's display will appear slightly different on the television. To compensate, Philips includes a horizontal and vertical picture adjustment, which allows you to adjust the placement and alignment of the picture on the television. The picture adjustment is operated through the television menu, which controls the display properties of the television.

  1. Turn on the television and then press the "Menu" button your remote control.

  2. Press the right-arrow button to access the "TV Settings" menu.

  3. Highlight "Picture" using the down-arrow button and then press "OK."

  4. Press the down-arrow button to scroll to "Horizontal Shift" or "Vertical Shift" and then press "OK." The "Horizontal Shift" setting is used to move the picture from side to side, and the "Vertical Shift" setting is used to move the picture from top to bottom.

  5. Use the arrow buttons to adjust the picture placement and then press the "OK" button to return to the menu once you are satisfied with the placement.

  6. Press the "Menu" button once again to exit the television menu.