How to Replace a Genie Garage-Door Opener With a Screwdriver

A Genie-brand garage-door opener removes all effort for having to open or close a garage door. The Genie-brand garage-door opener can suddenly fail to open fully, even though the remote control's button started the garage door rising normally. This is often the result of a fuse having blown in the Genie's control panel -- one that must be replaced if the garage door opener is to fully open the door. A screwdriver is the only tool that you'll need.

  1. Enter the garage through a side door or the attached door leading into the house. Place the ladder next to the Genie garage-door opener's control panel if it is situated at the top of the garage; otherwise, the ladder will not be needed.

  2. Unplug the Genie garage-door-opener motor's power cord to eliminate any possible problems with the garage door moving unexpectedly.

  3. Remove the screws surrounding the control panel with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the cover off the control panel and place it aside. Locate the burned-out fuse that is on the main circuit board. Use a flashlight if there's not adequate illumination in the garage to see inside the control panel.

  4. Insert the tip of the Phillips screwdriver beneath one end of the blown-out fuse. Lift up on the tip to raise the end of the fuse. Grip the fuse and pull it out of the connectors holding it to the main circuit board.

  5. Insert a replacement fuse onto the main circuit board so that it lies in the same manner as the fuse that was just removed. Place the cover on the control box. Reattach the screws with the Phillips screwdriver.

  6. Plug the power cord into the AC outlet it was removed from earlier. Press the activation button on the pole that holds the motor to reinitialize the garage door opener. Let the garage door cycle up and down until it comes to a stop.

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