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General Electric Coffee Maker Instructions

Mary Jo Megginson

Now one of the world's largest companies, General Electric can trace its roots to Thomas Edison, who founded the Edison General Electric Company in 1890. GE produces a number of small household appliances, including digital coffee makers. These coffee makers come with an automatic cleaning cycle, a built-in charcoal water filter and a timer so you can prepare the coffee in advance and have the coffee maker brew it at a predetermined time.

Setting the Time

You can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time in a GE digital coffee maker.
  1. Plug the coffee maker into a power outlet.

  2. Press the "hr" button for two seconds to activate it, then press repeatedly to advance the clock by one hour intervals until you get to the hour you want.

  3. Press and hold the "min" button for two seconds to activate it, then press repeatedly to advance the clock in one minute intervals. Press and hold the button to advance more quickly.

Making Coffee

  1. Open the lid on the top of the coffee maker.

  2. Place the filter basket into the coffee maker, making sure to line up the arrow markers with the arrow on the coffee maker.

  3. Insert a paper filter or a permanent filter into the filter basket.

  4. Measure one small scoop of coffee per cup of brewed coffee desired, into the filter. For stronger coffee, use the large end of the scoop instead of the small end.

  5. Remove the carafe from the coffee maker and add the desired amount of water to it. Use the markers on the side of the carafe to measure the amount of water you need.

  6. Open the water tank lid and pour the water from the carafe into the water tank.

  7. Place the now empty carafe back on the heating plate of the coffee maker.

  8. Press the power button at the top left of the control panel to begin a manual brewing cycle.

Setting the Program Function

  1. Press the "Prog" button once.

  2. Press the "hr" and "min" buttons to set the time you wish to have your coffee.

  3. Press "auto" to activate the program. The "auto" button will light up for two seconds and the program time will show in the LCD display.


  1. Remove the charcoal filter from the water tank.

  2. Fill the water tank half with a mixture of 50% vinegar and 50% water.

  3. Press and hold the "clean" button for two seconds.

  4. Dispose of the vinegar and water mixture from the carafe once the cleaning cycle is complete.

  5. Fill the water tank with clean water and press the power button to run a regular brewing cycle.

  6. Dispose of the rinse water once it finishes dripping into the carafe.

  7. Replace the charcoal filter in the water tank.