How to Maintain Extension Table Slides

D. Laverne O'Neal

The extension table offers great convenience, whether it is used for dining or other purposes. The ability to enlarge a table at a moment's notice is valuable, especially for those with large families or social groups. Extension tables may come with detached leaves, butterfly or fold-out leaves or slide-out leaf elements. If you own an extension table with slide-out leaves, maintaining the grooves and compartments to and from which the leaves glide is paramount to maintaining ease of use.

  1. Apply paraffin to both extender leaf and slide area. You can find paraffin at the supermarket or cooking supply store because it is commonly used to seal the jars of homemade jams.

  2. Rub a bar of soap onto the slide. You can use any type of soap you have on hand.

  3. Spread paste wax onto the extender and slide-out housing or compartment. Paste wax is available at hardware and home-improvement stores.