How to Increase the Suction in a Vacuum Cleaner

A common frustration during a household cleaning is having to run the vacuum over a small item on the carpet multiple times before it's sucked away (if at all). Vacuum cleaners never seem to have the power of suction we expect of them. A few things can actually be restricting the machine's airflow and thus reducing the suction power. Due to the heavy workout the vacuum cleaner typically receives, it is important to keep proper care to ensure it runs optimally.

  1. Empty or replace the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag is what holds all the debris the vacuum sucks up during your cleaning sessions. A full bag will not only block the air flow, but stop the vacuum holding any more debris.

  2. Clean the rotating brush. The rotating brush can easily become tangled in hair, cords and other debris. There may be a complete blockade, preventing the brush from properly rotating or preventing proper air flow. Remove all such build-up.

  3. Replace the drive belt. Following the vacuum's user manual, dismantle the machine to check the integrity of the belt. A new, properly working belt should have no holes, worn spots or misalignment. Replace the drive belt using the proper model number.

  4. Clean and/or replace the filter, if your vacuum has one.

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